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A match that could turn Juventus's season around

15. May 2024
(foto: Getty Images)
Tonight in Italy, the last opportunity to win a trophy this club season presents itself.

The Coppa Italia final could turn the fortunes of Juventus around, making a season that seemed disappointing into a reasonably successful one.   

On Wednesday evening, all eyes in Italy will be on the outcome of the Coppa Italia final. At the Stadio Olimpico, Juventus will face Atalanta, competing for the last piece of silverware of the current season.   

Juventus's head coach, Massimiliano Allegri, emphasizes that securing a spot in the Champions League through Serie A is a significant achievement for the team from Piedmont's capital. He insists that this should be seen as a success for the club, regardless of the outcome of the cup final.   

However, team captain Danilo disagrees entirely. He believes that winning the cup would define the season as successful, while a season without a trophy should be quickly forgotten.   

"Winning the Coppa Italia would redefine Juventus's season. We managed to secure a Champions League spot, but a trophy would be the true testament to our hard work and team spirit shown throughout the season. In football, as in life, you always look forward to new challenges. This will be a special match because we want to write a new, albeit small, chapter in Juventus's history," Danilo told the media.   

Allegri and Danilo both disagree with the notion that Atalanta are the favorites for the final, highlighting Juventus's rich history and status as the most successful team in Italy.
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