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AC Milan targets a new striker for the summer: Benjamin Šeško remains a high priority

9. March 2024
Benjamin Šeško (foto: Getty Images)
AC Milan is in the hunt for a new striker to bolster their attack for the next season, with Benjamin Šeško among the top targets. The club faces challenges in acquiring their preferred options due to high release clauses and potential reluctance from Leipzig to sell Šeško.

Italian giants AC Milan are likely to play in the Champions League next season again, and the club's leadership is well aware that their current set of forwards is not sufficient for such a demanding competition. The main responsibility lies on the shoulders of 37-year-old Olivier Giroud, with Luka Jović and Noah Okafor serving primarily as useful 'wild cards', who are not the players with whom Milan can achieve high goals.

Thus, Milan will focus all efforts on purchasing a new striker this summer, and Calciomercato reports that three names are on the wishlist – German Joshua Zirkzee from Bologna, Swedish Viktor Gyokeres from Sporting, and Slovenian Benjamin Šeško.

Zirkzee has had an excellent season, but the challenge in his case is mainly the clause allowing Bayern to repurchase him for 40 million euros – considering all the issues Bavarians faced this season, this scenario is far from unfeasible.

Gyokeres has had a fantastic season, scoring 32 goals in 36 appearances for Sporting. However, for Milan, the issue is mainly the price, as he has a release clause of 100 million euros, and it is well-known that Portuguese giants never sell their 'treasures' below the price.

This leaves Benjamin Šeško, who would probably cost less than Gyokeres, but the question arises whether Leipzig would be willing to sell a player considered a long-term investment by the club and one of the greatest potentials in the team.
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