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Ange Postecoglu shocked by Tottenham fans cheering for rival's victory

15. May 2024
(foto: Getty Images)
Tottenham's loss to Manchester City sealed their fate outside the Champions League, but it revealed deeper issues as Ange Postecoglu faces unexpected fan dynamics.

Tottenham lost at home to Manchester City, effectively shutting the door on Champions League qualification. Surprisingly, this did not dampen the spirits of the fans, as it also meant Arsenal wouldn’t win the title. This peculiar fan behavior has left Spurs' manager Ange Postecoglu bewildered.     

Before the clash between Tottenham and Manchester City, Postecoglu publicly expressed his confusion over the fact that many Tottenham fans were hoping for a loss, as it would thwart their biggest rival Arsenal's chances of winning the Premier League title.   

The home team put up a respectable fight against the future champions but ultimately lost 0-2, which ended their hopes of making it to the Champions League next season. Despite this, the fans were not disheartened and instead celebrated Manchester City's goals, cheering for their own team’s defeat, which the Tottenham manager found unbearable.   

"Unfortunately, over the last 48 hours, we've realized how fragile Tottenham's foundations are, the foundations of what we’re building in this club. This happens due to factors both inside and outside the club. Today, everything became crystal clear to me," Postecoglu said, deeply dejected and visibly disappointed after the loss.   

What stood out was an incident just before the end of the game. A Tottenham fan sitting right behind the team's bench was loudly cheering for Manchester City and celebrating their victory. Postecoglu lost his temper, unable to comprehend how a fan could support the opposing team.   

"Whose side are you on? Now I know who you are; you've shown your true colors," the Spurs manager snapped at the fan, now fully realizing the challenging environment he has stepped into.
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