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Antonio Rudiger and Nicklas Fullkrug's training clash ahead of European Championship

11. June 2024
(foto: Getty Images)
Antonio Rudiger and Nicklas Fullkrug almost came to blows during yesterday's training session of the German national team ahead of the Euro.

This news was first reported by Bild and has been confirmed by numerous other media outlets and German football insiders. According to all sources, the confrontation could have been more serious if not for the intervention of others present.

The Real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund players clashed several times during training as they played on opposing sides in two separate training teams. On multiple occasions, these duels led to both verbal and physical confrontations.

In one of these instances, the last one before the training session was ended for this duo, the situation escalated into shoving. Bild reports that if assistant coach Sandro Wagner had not intervened, punches might have been thrown. It is not yet known how coach Julian Nagelsmann will sanction his players, or if he will at all.
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