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Arsene Wenger speaks on football's untapped gold mine - 'Just waiting to be discovered'

21. November 2023
Arsene Wenger (foto: Getty Images)
Arsene Wenger, the legendary former Arsenal manager and current FIFA Director of Global Football Development, has expressed his belief in the untapped potential of Indian football.

Wenger, known for his keen eye for talent and development, sees India, with its vast population of 1.4 billion, as an unexplored gold mine in the football world.

"No more weak teams in the world" is a phrase often heard in football circles, reflecting the growing parity in global football. Small teams are increasingly competitive, blurring the lines between favorites and underdogs.

Luxembourg defeating Bosnia and Herzegovina twice in the qualifiers, Faroe Islands drawing with Albania, and the growing competitiveness of teams like Moldova and Kazakhstan are testament to this trend.

Wenger, who led Arsenal from 1996 to 2018, achieving the club's greatest successes, has been serving as FIFA's Director of Sports Development since November 2018.

His role involves overseeing the growth and development of football globally. During a recent three-day visit to India, he discussed football development with AIFF President Kalyan Chaubey and Acting General Secretary Satyanarayana M.

Kalyan Chaubey, President of AIFF, expressed his honor and privilege in hosting Wenger. He hopes for Wenger's continued involvement in India's talent development project, which has been in discussion for nearly three months. Wenger's visit and FIFA's support are expected to make this project a great success.

Wenger shared his fascination with India and his goal to enhance football globally, emphasizing the impossibility of excluding a populous nation like India from the global football map. He believes India has significant advantages and fantastic characteristics, making him optimistic about the potential for football growth in the country.

Wenger stressed the importance of technical training in the initial stages of development. With his experience in implementing football civilization development from his coaching career, he is confident in India's potential.

"Imagine the potential lying here in India, just waiting to be discovered. My main goal is to convince people that there's a gold mine here, yet to be fully explored and exploited," Wenger concluded.
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