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Brasiliense team doctor becomes hero after coach resigns at halftime

14. May 2024
(foto: Uradni FB/TW/IG profil igralca)
Brasiliense has found its own 'Mourinho.' The Brazilian club lost its coach at halftime but celebrated a victory led by their team doctor in the second half.

A fascinating story from Brazil’s fourth division has emerged, where Brasiliense's coach resigned at halftime. Even more impressively, a member of the medical staff took over coaching duties in the second half and led the team to a 2-0 victory! The post-match atmosphere in the locker room was electric, with the team celebrating loudly. 

Paulo Roberto Santos reportedly resigned due to public criticism from the club president, leaving the stadium at halftime. 

Brasiliense also enjoyed the moment on social media. They posted several videos depicting their doctor as the star Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho, adding a humorous twist to the situation.
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