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Croatian third division club Kustošija buys great African talent for €500,000

29. November 2023
Kustošija (foto: Uradni facebook profil kluba)
Croatian third division club Kustošija, thanks to their 'godfather' Andy Bara, has again made headlines in all the major Croatian portals.

Kustošija, a small club from Zagreb playing in the Croatian third division, would likely have remained unheard of if not for its connection with influential football agent and old acquaintance of Koper, Andy Bara. Through his company Niagara, Bara is also the club's largest sponsor. He brought midfielder Anes Krdžalić on loan from this club to Olimpija, and in a deal that could reach up to €5 million, sold defender Mikayil Faye, who moved from Kustošija to Barcelona and currently plays for their second team.

Bara has once again completed a significant deal with Kustošija, which sounds almost unbelievable on paper. The club will be reinforced with 17-year-old Malian Baye Coulibaly, who is currently shining at the U-17 World Cup. He is a defensive midfielder eyed by many larger and more prestigious clubs than Kustošija.

Faye reportedly convinced Coulibaly, based on his own experience transferring to Barcelona, to move to Zagreb. However, the shocking part is that Kustošija will pay as much as €500,000 for their new addition – who will join the club at the end of the season. This amount exceeds what many Croatian first division clubs can pay for new players.
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