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City Football Group faces issue: UEFA threatens Girona's Champions League participation

15. May 2024
Girona (foto: Getty Images)
City Football Group (CFG), a consortium that owns 13 clubs worldwide, is facing a problem due to the unexpected success of Spanish club Girona.

Girona's qualification for the Champions League means CFG would have two clubs in the competition, as Manchester City is also a CFG club.   

The Times reports that under current conditions, CFG cannot have both clubs in the Champions League. UEFA has informed CFG in Abu Dhabi that it must reduce its ownership stake in Girona, which currently stands at 47 percent.   

UEFA aims to prevent conflicts of interest and potential controversies that could arise if two clubs under the same ownership face each other in the competition. Therefore, UEFA has demanded that CFG reduce its stake in Girona to a maximum of 30 percent.   

If CFG is unwilling to meet this requirement, Girona will be relegated to the Europa League, according to the aforementioned newspaper.
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