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Covered mouths in Brazil: Women's soccer team protests rehiring of accused coach

14. April 2024
(foto: Posnetek zaslona)
In a striking display of solidarity and protest, female soccer players in Brazil's top league covered their mouths and ears during the national anthem this past weekend.
This gesture was in response to the controversial rehiring of coach Kleiton Lima by Santos FC, despite previous allegations of sexual harassment and mobbing against him.

The incident highlighted the ongoing struggle within sports organizations to adequately address and resolve serious accusations. Lima, who had temporarily left the club during an internal investigation last year, was reinstated on April 2 after the inquiry failed to substantiate the claims according to the club's statements. During a press conference upon his return, Lima declared himself a victim of slander, mentioning that the accusations had not led to any formal charges against him.

The players' protest reflects a broader discontent with how sexual harassment allegations are handled in sports, emphasizing a call for accountability and respect within the industry. The visual of players from Corinthians and other teams covering their mouths during the national anthem was a powerful statement against what many see as an insufficient institutional response to serious allegations.
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