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Defense wins championships: Thierry Henry on Real Madrid's tactical triumph

18. April 2024
Thierry Henry (foto: //)
Thierry Henry lauds Real Madrid's defensive performance at the Etihad, emphasizing the importance of defense in controlling the game and overcoming a strong attacking side like Manchester City.

In a Champions League fixture that could have gone either way, Real Madrid showcased defensive brilliance at the Etihad Stadium. Despite scoring little beyond a crucial goal, Real Madrid demonstrated remarkable virtues in playing under intense pressure, virtues that many teams might struggle to emulate.   

Thierry Henry, a football legend, pointed out that the match perfectly illustrated the significance of defense in football and how a team forced to adopt a defensive stance could still control the pace and outcome of the game.   

"In football, there's something called defending. With good defending, you can also control the game. I know many will say City was much better, but defending is equally part of the game. Real Madrid defended exceptionally. The better team advanced, in this case, the one that defended well," Henry stated.
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