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Eden Hazard transfer continues to cost Real Madrid millions

15. May 2024
Eden Hazard (foto: Getty Images)
Eden Hazard announced his departure from Real Madrid at the end of the last season and decided to retire from professional football following a mutual contract termination.

This decision came at the age of 32, relatively early for such a successful footballer.   

The Belgian joined Real Madrid in 2019 from Chelsea, with Real paying a hefty transfer fee of €115 million. Hazard was expected to be the successor to Cristiano Ronaldo, but the move turned out to be a major misfire.   

Despite Hazard's early retirement due to numerous injuries and lack of motivation, Chelsea continues to benefit financially. Real Madrid is still obliged to pay Chelsea an additional €5 million.   

According to The Telegraph, a clause in the contract stipulates that Real Madrid must pay Chelsea this amount if they reach the Champions League final. This condition has been met this season, and the contract remains valid even though Hazard is no longer an active player.   

In addition to the initial €115 million transfer fee, Real Madrid had already included several clauses in the contract, resulting in an extra €30 million paid to Chelsea.
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