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Halle Berry wins 'cool mom' title after son meets David Beckham at LA Galaxy match

28. February 2024
Halle Berry (foto: Uradni FB/TW/IG profil igralca)
In a recent heartwarming episode that blurs the lines between Hollywood glamour and sports excellence, Halle Berry, the acclaimed "Catwoman" actress, has once again proven herself as the epitome of a "cool mom."

This Sunday, at a soccer match between the Los Angeles Galaxy and Inter Miami, Berry's son, Maceo-Robert, experienced a dream come true. Thanks to Major League Soccer (MLS) and David Beckham, the retired soccer legend, Maceo got to meet one of the sport's most iconic figures. This special moment not only made Berry's son's day but also skyrocketed her "cool mom" points, as evidenced by her latest Instagram post.   

Berry, who shares Maceo with her ex-husband, Olivier Martinez, and also has a daughter, Nahla Ariela, with another ex, Gabriel Aubry, is known for her privacy when it comes to her children. However, this epic meeting was too good not to share. The Instagram carousel captures Beckham engaging with Maceo on the field, alongside images of Berry and Beckham embracing, showcasing the warmth and excitement of the encounter.   

The comments section of Berry's post was flooded with admiration, with followers lauding her for earning "super cool mom points." The interaction was not only a testament to Berry's role as a loving mother but also highlighted the power of sports and celebrity in creating unforgettable moments.   

Adding to the day's excitement, Berry also shared a snapshot with "The Little Mermaid" star Halle Bailey. The meeting of the two Halles at the game was another highlight, with Bailey expressing her gratitude for Berry's kindness. This interaction underscored Berry's status as an influential and gracious figure in both the entertainment and personal spheres.     

Berry's weekend adventure, from supporting her son's dreams to mingling with fellow celebrities, encapsulates her multifaceted life as a mother, actress, and friend. It serves as a reminder of the unique intersections between the world of entertainment, sports, and real-life moments of joy and connection.
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