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Heidenheim fans target RB Leipzig supporters with acid in Bundesliga clash

20. April 2024
Heidenheim (foto: splet)
An incident involving butyric acid occurred in the visiting fans' section before the Heidenheim vs. RB Leipzig match, leading to discomfort among the supporters and subsequent apologies from the Heidenheim club.
An unsettling incident occurred before the Bundesliga match between FC Heidenheim and RB Leipzig, where butyric acid was reportedly spilled in the visiting fans' section. The supporters' association of Leipzig noted on the X platform, "It smells like butyric acid," describing the offensive odor permeating their area. Other fans also reported a foul smell on social media before the game started. Butyric acid is a substance that irritates the eyes and respiratory system and carries an odor resembling rancid butter or vomit.

The incident appears to be a protest against RB Leipzig, whose business model has often been critically viewed by football fans. During the match, Heidenheim supporters displayed a banner reading "After 15 years, still the same: RBL are football killers."

FC Heidenheim confirmed the incident to the German press agency and apologized to the visiting fans. The club announced that it would address the situation thoroughly. "We apologized to the guests from Leipzig before the match and cleaned the visiting block as best as we could this morning. Of course, we will investigate this matter," said Petra Saretz, a board member at Heidenheim responsible for organization and licensing, as reported by Bild.
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