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Jude Bellingham embraces the challenges of playing for Real Madrid: "You must accept the criticism"

18. April 2024
(foto: Getty Images)
Jude Bellingham, after leading Real Madrid to a Champions League semi-final victory over Manchester City, speaks candidly about the expectations and criticisms inherent in playing for such a prestigious club.

Jude Bellingham, the young offensive midfielder celebrated as one of the world’s finest football talents, has quickly adapted to the life of a Real Madrid player, not just on the field but off it as well. Following Real Madrid's dramatic advance to the Champions League semi-finals, Bellingham openly discussed the pressures and criticisms that come with wearing the Real Madrid jersey.   

During the post-match celebrations, where he engaged with fans in Spanish, Bellingham highlighted his understanding and acceptance of the scrutiny that players face at such a high-profile club.

"If you're at Real Madrid, you have to accept that you will be criticized. If you are here, you must be able to handle it. Wearing the Real Madrid shirt every day is something I am grateful for every day; it's something I couldn’t even dream of," said Bellingham.

His resilience and maturity were further showcased as he pointed to the club’s crest following a successfully converted penalty, a gesture symbolizing his deep connection and commitment to the club.
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