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Luka Modrić: A masterclass performance at 38 to lift trophy with Croatia

27. March 2024
(foto: Getty Images)
Luka Modrić delivered a performance that could only be described as surreal, finally securing a trophy with the Croatian national team.

Though it was a friendly tournament held in Cairo against opponents Tunisia and Egypt, the competition is recognized by FIFA, marking a significant milestone for Modrić as a long-standing leader of his national team.   

In what was his 174th match for Croatia, Modrić's contributions in the final against the host country, Egypt, were monumental. Despite Egypt taking an early lead, Modrić orchestrated a comeback within 35 minutes, setting up goals for Vlašić and Petković. He was substituted at the 60-minute mark, but not before making an indelible impact: besides his two assists, he had the most touches in the game (78) and led in accurate passes (66 out of 72). With a staggering 92% accuracy in his passes, Modrić also made three key passes and created a significant chance for his team. Notably, his performance remained unaffected by Egyptian fans who attempted to distract him with lasers.   

This feat underscores not just Modrić's undiminished skill and influence on the pitch but also his resilience and focus in the face of distractions. It's a testament to his enduring quality and leadership in Croatian football, adding another chapter to his illustrious career.
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