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Luka Modrić earns applaud from Mallorca fans in Real Madrid's narrow victory

14. April 2024
(foto: Getty Images)
Luka Modrić, Croatian maestro, received an ovation from the fans of the opposite team that he surely did not expect at the Mallorca stadium, in the last match played in La Liga.

As Modrić was substituted in the 86th minute, the entire stadium rose in a spontaneous ovation, acknowledging his performance and contribution to the game. Despite being a visiting player, the affection and respect shown by Mallorca's fans highlighted his impact on the sport.

In a tough game, Real Madrid managed to get a very important victory of 1-0 against Mallorca, where French midfielder Aurelien Tchouaméni scored from long range in the 48th minute. The victory helped further consolidate their lead atop the standing table. Modrić remained among the best performers on the field, holding a precision midfield until his removal from the field.   

Reserved largely for players who have done great things in their club, the fans of Mallorca show, once again, extreme sportsmanship, something rare in football, and this with great signs of universal admiration towards the talent and character of Modrić.
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