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Luka Modrić's mentorship shines as Arda Güler scores first Real Madrid goal

12. March 2024
Luka Modrić and Arda Güler (foto: Posnetek zaslona)
In a heartfelt moment that speaks volumes of the camaraderie and mentorship within Real Madrid's ranks, veteran midfielder Luka Modrić was seen warmly welcoming young prodigy Arda Güler back to the locker room following Güler's pivotal first goal for the team.

This goal, scored in the dying minutes against Celta, not only marked a significant milestone for the Turkish midfielder but also showcased the depth of relationship between the seasoned Modrić and the emerging talent.     

Arda Güler, often heralded as the potential successor to Modrić's midfield throne, made his mark in his sixth appearance for Madrid by netting a goal in the 94th minute, just five minutes after being subbed in. His arrival at Real Madrid last summer, on a contract extending till the end of the 2028/29 season, was reportedly influenced by Modrić himself. The Croatian captain's role in Güler's transfer, including personal outreach to the youngster's camp, highlights Modric's commitment to nurturing the next generation of talent at Madrid.     

The celebration of Güler's inaugural goal was a spectacle of unity and joy within the locker room, with Modrić among the first to embrace the young midfielder. This interaction underscores the supportive environment fostered by the team's veterans, crucial for the development of emerging stars.   

Modrić's performance in the match further solidified his standing as one of the game's greats. Dominating the field with 119 touches, the highest in the match, and leading in both accurate passes and key defensive contributions, Modrić demonstrated why he remains an integral part of Real Madrid's success.   

As Real Madrid continues to blend the experience of its veterans with the vitality of its youth, moments like Güler's goal and the ensuing celebration with Modrić offer a glimpse into the club's future, promising continuity and excellence in its pursuit of glory.

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