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Mick Wallace shocks European Parliament with Juventus-Torino football chant

13. April 2024
Mick Wallace (foto: Posnetek zaslona)
In an unconventional act within the solemn halls of the European Parliament, Irish MEP Mick Wallace concluded his speech with a football chant, sparking both amusement and controversy among his peers.

Wallace, known for his eccentric behavior and attire, donned a Torino jersey and ended his address with the chant "Juve merda, Forza Toro!" — a slogan expressing disdain for Juventus and support for their city rivals, Torino.   

This incident highlights Wallace's known affection for Serie A and particularly for Torino, a club he has grown fond of during his visits to Italy. His public display in the parliament session was not just a show of personal fandom but also a stark departure from the traditional decorum expected in such international assemblies. 

Wallace's gesture has raised eyebrows and sparked discussions on the appropriateness of using the European Parliament as a stage for sporting rivalries. While some viewed it as a light-hearted expression of cultural passion, others criticized it for undermining the seriousness of the parliamentary proceedings.   

The episode occurred just before an important Turin derby, where Torino was set to face Juventus, adding layers of timing and context to Wallace's actions. His outspoken support for Torino and his casual disregard for parliamentary norms reflect his broader political style, characterized by directness and a penchant for making personal statements in public forums.   

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