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Moreno Torricelli: Triumph and tragedy of a Juventus legend

19. May 2024
Moreno Torricelli (foto: Uradni FB/TW/IG profil igralca)
Die-hard Juventus fans and those who have followed the Old Lady for a long time surely remember Moreno Torricelli.

The Italian defender played for several renowned clubs but made his mark playing for Juventus, with whom he won multiple titles. He also represented the Italian national team at Euro 1996 and the 1998 World Cup. However, his life was marked by a great tragedy when his wife Barbara passed away in 2010, as reported by SportSport.

"I decided to stop playing football because illness took my wife away, and I stayed home to take care of the children as they grew up," he said.

"Leukemia took her from me. Barbara was 40 years old. We lived in a small villa on a hill in Florence. Since I started training, I met her very young, we hung out with the same friends and in the same places," he recounted, adding, "She fought with all her strength until the last day. Since Barbara left us, my life has never been the same."

After the death of his wife Barbara, the former footballer had to take care of his daughters Arianna and Aurora and his son Alessio on his own. Today, all the children are adults, and in the meantime, he has also become a grandfather.

Before his wife's death, he was a coach, but after the tragedy, football lost its appeal for him. In recent years, Torricelli has played for Juventus in veteran matches.

At one time, he stated that he would never succeed in modern football, but he was fortunate to play in a different era when effort and talent were rewarded.

"I worked in a furniture factory, I was a boy like any other. I realized I didn't want to go to school and started life as a worker. In the evening, I played football; the passion was too great, and that's why I couldn't stop playing," the Italian began and continued, "I didn't think Juventus needed me, but after four friendly matches against them, I convinced them and also Giovanni Trapattoni. It was like a dream."

"In today's football, my story would no longer be possible, but in reality, it was a kind of miracle even 30 years ago, as everyone rightly defined it," he emphasized.

"I was never a great player, but I saw that my efforts and my work to improve were rewarded," he said.
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