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Olympiacos fans launch online attack on Edin Džeko’s Croatian restaurant

14. April 2024
Edin Džeko (foto: Instagram)
In a surprising turn of events in football, fans of the Greek football club Olympiacos have taken their rivalry with Fenerbahçe star Edin Džeko to a new level.
Supporters initiated an online campaign to tarnish the reputation of Džeko's restaurant, Ezza, located in Dubrovnik, as a form of retaliation against the player's actions during a recent match.

During the quarterfinals of the Conference League, tensions flared when Džeko, playing for Fenerbahçe, gestured towards the Turkish flag on his jersey in response to jeers from Olympiacos fans. This act provoked the Olympiacos fans who then launched an online onslaught against Džeko's restaurant by flooding it with negative reviews on platforms like TripAdvisor, aiming to damage its online ratings and reputation significantly.

The response from Fenerbahçe fans was swift and supportive, countering the negative reviews with positive ones, turning Džeko’s establishment into a battleground for fan rivalry beyond the football field. This incident underscores the extent to which football passions can spill over into personal and business realms, affecting lives and livelihoods beyond the pitch.
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