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Pep Guardiola on Ederson substitution: 'He couldn't see well'

15. May 2024
Ederson Santana de Moraes (foto: Getty Images)
During the match between Tottenham and Manchester City, the visitors' coach had to make an unexpected substitution, bringing on the reserve goalkeeper.

This decision infuriated Ederson, but Guardiola had legitimate reasons for it.   

After a collision with Tottenham player Cristian Romero, Manchester City goalkeeper Ederson lay on the ground, requiring assistance from the medical team. Although the Brazilian initially returned to the pitch, it soon became evident that he couldn't continue.   

Ederson was injured while making a save and was then hit in the eye by Romero's knee. Despite rejoining the match, Ederson quickly missed a pass, alerting Pep Guardiola that something was wrong.   

Ederson was furious with Guardiola for substituting him with Stefan Ortega. He argued with the coach on the sideline, angrily kicked a water bottle, and later broke down in tears on the bench. This was the fourth time this season Ederson had to leave a game due to injury.   

"It wasn't a concussion, Ederson had problems with his eye. He simply couldn't see well, and the doctors recommended a substitution. He took a blow, his eye was swollen, and I had no other choice," Guardiola explained to the media after the match.   

Ederson wasn't the only Manchester City player injured against Tottenham. Kevin De Bruyne also took a hard knock to the ankle, which significantly hindered his running later in the game.
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