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Respect among legends: Kevin De Bruyne seeks Luka Modrić's jersey in Madrid

10. April 2024
(foto: Posnetek zaslona)
The legendary Manchester City midfielder, Kevin de Bruyne, didn't play in Madrid yesterday, but he took home a very important memento.

Luka Modrić is a player who, with his career, perseverance, and unparalleled energy, commands respect across the football world. His unique role was highlighted by an event after yesterday's Champions League derby between Real Madrid and Manchester City.

City's brilliant midfielder Kevin De Bruyne, currently considered by many as the best midfielder in the world, approached the legendary Croatian after the match to ask for his jersey. Of course, Modrić fulfilled his wish and exchanged a few words with the Belgian.

De Bruyne didn't play in Madrid due to stomach issues, while Modrić played the last twenty minutes of the match.
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