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Salzburg qualifies for first World Club Championship, projected to earn €50 million

18. April 2024
Salzburg (foto: Getty Images)
Salzburg has qualified as the last European entrant for the first World Club Championship, set to launch in a new 32-team format in the United States in 2025, promising the club at least €50 million in earnings.

Salzburg has clinched the final European spot for the upcoming World Club Championship following the conclusion of the Champions League quarterfinals. Their qualification not only secures a place in this historic tournament but also guarantees a significant financial boon, expected to exceed the earnings typically accrued from their Champions League appearances. 

The World Club Championship, slated to begin next summer in the United States, will feature a new format with 32 teams participating. Salzburg's entry into this tournament comes after Bayern Munich's victory over Arsenal, which indirectly sealed the Austrian club's qualification. 

This prestigious global event promises Salzburg an estimated earning of at least €50 million, a substantial increase compared to their usual Champions League revenue. The club's participation marks a significant milestone, positioning them alongside Europe's elite clubs such as PSG, Porto, Benfica, Inter, Juventus, Manchester City, Bayern Munich, Dortmund, Real Madrid, and Atletico Madrid, who have also secured their spots in the tournament.
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