Sergej Milinković-Savić confident in Serbia's top-two finish at EURO 2024

11. June 2024
Sergej Milinković Savić (foto: Uradni Twitter profil kluba/zveze)
Serbian footballer Sergej Milinković-Savić expresses confidence that Serbia will be among the top two teams in Group C at the upcoming European Championship.

Sergej Milinković-Savić, who has played 51 matches for the Serbian national team, will be one of the key players under coach Dragan Stojković Piksi at the upcoming EURO 2024. "First and foremost, it is a great achievement to even be at the European Championship. We do not want to stop there. The next step is to get out of the group. We know that four third-placed teams also advance, but our goal is to be among the top two in the group,"

SMS told the Serbian Football Association's website. The championship starts on June 14, and Serbia's first match is two days later against England. "I like that there is less euphoria than before Qatar. I think people now expect us to advance from the group, which we also expect. But this way, we are preparing in peace." Serbia played two friendly matches, losing to Austria (2-1) and defeating Sweden (3-0).

"The Association chose two good opponents, and they were two good tests. There were many things to see and improve. As the European Championship approaches, the ideas we have can remain until the competition. The atmosphere in the team is excellent. This is the best group of guys. Many of us were in Lithuania and New Zealand. There are also older players who keep everything under control, so us younger players don't get carried away. Truly a good group."

In Saudi Arabia, Al Hilal has often played matches against Al Nassr, which has Cristiano Ronaldo on its team. "He is a great professional. He still plays, still wants to win, and still hates losing. All this speaks volumes about his character. I am glad to have him in the league, as I did in Italy. And I hope it stays that way for a long time," concluded Sergej.
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