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Slovan Bratislava faces transfer window ban over unsettled obligations

28. February 2024
Slovan Bratislava (foto: Uradni facebook profil kluba)
Slovan Bratislava, a leading football club in Slovakia and UEFA Conference League participant, faces a transfer window ban from FIFA due to unsettled obligations.

On Thursday evening, Ivan Kmotrík Jr., who serves as the sporting director for Slovan Bratislava, addressed the Slovak media. He anticipated a lighter penalty from the competent authorities and expected the matter to be resolved soon. However, a statement on the website of the International Football Association (FIFA) paints a different picture, indicating the situation may not be as benign as thought.

“It's not a serious matter. Everything will be sorted out in the coming days, and the FIFA ban on registering new players will not stand.”

Kmotrík Jr. was mistaken, as FIFA has announced that Slovan Bratislava will not be able to strengthen its team in the next three transfer windows. In the worst-case scenario, the Slovak giant might only be able to register new players in the winter transfer window of 2026.

In the interview, Kmotrík Jr. also revealed that the problem lies in unsettled obligations towards Vernon De Marco, a former team member and Slovak national team player, who last summer transferred to the UAE and joined Hatta Club as a free agent. If the ban persists, it could be a severe blow to Slovan.

Slovan is currently dominating the domestic league, leading the table with a 14-point advantage over second-placed Žilina.
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