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Slovenia's rising star Benjamin Šeško reflects on stunning victory over Portugal

27. March 2024
Benjamin Šeško (foto:
Following Slovenia's remarkable victory over Portugal, Benjamin Šeško, the beloved figure at Stožice, shared his pride and thoughts on the team's performance.

Despite not scoring, Šeško's impact on the game was undeniable. He constantly threatened Portugal's defense with his speed and attacking prowess, almost finding the net in a standout moment, only to be denied by Portugal's goalkeeper, Diogo Costa, in a crucial save.   

"This game was a great indicator of our capabilities as a team, and for that, I am extremely proud of us all. Slovenia has shown that we can be a threat to any team," Šeško stated after the match. The Leipzig forward's comments underscore the Slovenian team's growing confidence and potential on the international stage. 

Šeško also expressed a desire for his teammates to gain more playing time to continue showcasing their talents. "I hope all of us get as many appearances as possible and then come back to show everyone what we are capable of," he added. His words highlight the importance of regular competitive play in maintaining and improving the team's overall performance.     

The Slovenian striker didn't miss the opportunity to comment on playing against the Portuguese superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo. "When you play against such a player, you never know what can happen. Everyone is human; sometimes you lose, sometimes you win. We managed to cover him very well and played an outstanding game," Šeško remarked, emphasizing the team's successful strategy in neutralizing one of football's greatest talents.   

Šeško's reflections post-match paint a picture of a team that, despite its underdog status, harbors deep-seated belief in its ability to challenge the best. The combination of individual brilliance, like Šeško's, and collective determination has propelled Slovenia into a position where they no longer see themselves as just participants but as genuine contenders on the footballing world stage.
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