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Slovenian joy in Portugal: Tai Žnuderl and teammates become Champions, set for next season's youth League

19. May 2024
Tai Žnuderl (foto: uradna spletna stran kluba)
Braga has secured the title of Portuguese Youth Champions. Among the squad members is Slovenian goalkeeper Tai Žnuderl.

Former Maribor prospect Tai Žnuderl has become the Portuguese national champion at just seventeen! The Slovenian youth international and his teammates from Braga's youth team drew 3-3 with Porto yesterday, clinching the national title.

Braga's club president Antonio Salvador congratulated the young team on their success. The club holds the youth team's achievement in high regard, as this is only the third time the youth squad has won the title, which is impressive given the fierce competition in Portugal's youth categories.

With this success, Braga's youth team has again secured their place in next season's Youth League. Tai Žnuderl, who is 17 years old and younger than most of his teammates, will also be part of the squad.
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