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Unveiling the future: CIES ranks the most promising U-21 strikers

16. March 2024
Endrick Felipe (foto: Getty Images)
The Swiss-based CIES Football Observatory has conducted a comprehensive analysis, spotlighting the most promising U-21 strikers in the football world.

Among the top talents, Slovenian prodigy Benjamin Šeško, flourishing at RB Leipzig in Germany, has made the list, underscoring his growing reputation on the international stage.   

CIES's analysis, which placed Šeško in the eighth position, not only highlights the potential of young talents but also underlines the global nature of football talent scouting. At the pinnacle of this list are Brazilian sensations Endrick Felipe and Vitor Roque, with the former set to join Real Madrid this summer and the latter already making waves at Barcelona. The third spot is occupied by Evan Ferguson, who has been impressive for Brighton in the English Premier League.   

This ranking not only serves as a testament to the vibrant future of football but also as a beacon for clubs seeking the next generation of leading strikers. Šeško's inclusion among such esteemed company is particularly notable for Slovenian football, offering a glimpse into the potential international impact of the nation's talent.   

The 10 most promising young forwards according to CIES:

Endrick Felipe (BRA) - Palmeiras/Real Madrid

Vitor Roque (BRA) - Barcelona

Evan Ferguson (ANG) - Brighton

Damian Pizarro (ČIL) - Colo Colo

Jeronimo Domina (ARG) - CA Union

Miloš Luković (SRB) - FK IMT

George Ilenikhena (BEL) - Antwerp

Benjamin Šeško (SLO) - RB Leipzig

Santiago Castro (ITA) - Bologna

Marcos Leonardo (BRA) - Benfica

As football continues to evolve, the focus on nurturing young talent remains paramount. The insights provided by CIES not only celebrate the achievements of these young athletes but also project the exciting trajectories their careers might take. The blend of technical skill, potential, and early achievements form the cornerstone of this analysis, promising a thrilling future for fans and clubs alike.
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