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VIDEO: Partizan legend Saša Ilić overwhelmed with emotion at fans' song

28. February 2024
Saša Ilić (foto: Uradni FB/TW/IG profil igralca)
During a celebration, Saša Ilić, a Partizan Belgrade legend, was visibly moved by the Partizan fans' anthem "Da volim crno-bele", demonstrating the deep emotional bond between the club's former players and its supporters.

Saša Ilić, one of Partizan's greatest players, was deeply moved by the song "Da volim crno-bele" during a celebration.

Partizan cannot be imagined without him! The legend of Partizan, Saša Ilić, was brought to tears by the lyrics of the song "Da volim crno-bele". Similar emotions were displayed by Danko Lazović and Slobodan Rajković, former players of the black and whites and Serbian national team members.

Musicians played this very song as former Partizan first-team players Saša Ilić, Danko Lazović, and Slobodan Rajković sang along in unison.
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