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Warning issued: "500 notorious Serbian hooligans heading to Euro with one goal"

11. June 2024
The Guardian has reported concerning news for English fans, warning of 500 Serbian hooligans, mainly Delije and Grobari, planning to cause trouble at the Euro.

With just four days remaining until the opening of the European Football Championship, the first match will be between Germany and Scotland. Following this, the tournament kicks off in earnest, with Croatia facing Spain on Saturday. However, one match, in particular, has caught the attention of the English media: the clash between England and Serbia on June 16 in Gelsenkirchen.

The German city is expected to host thousands of Serbian and English fans, and the English Guardian has reported worrying news for English supporters.

According to the reputable media outlet, 500 hooligans from Serbia, primarily from the Delije and Grobari groups, are heading to Germany with the potential to cause disturbances in the city. English fans are also known for their extreme behavior, and the Guardian warns of the risk of clashes between Serbian and English fan groups.

The Guardian reports that around 40,000 English fans are expected to arrive in the city, with a significant number of Serbian fans likely to be present as well, given the large Serbian community living in Germany.

The match will be secured by more than 1,000 police officers, and over 1,600 English fans who have been banned from attending football matches have been required to surrender their passports to the police from June 4 until the final on July 14 to prevent them from traveling to the matches in Germany.
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