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Will he stay or go? Real Madrid's strategy for Luka Modrić's next move

29. March 2024
(foto: Getty Images)
Real Madrid's approach to the future of its midfield maestro, Luka Modrić, has been a topic of considerable speculation in the Spanish media for months.

The discourse ranges from predictions of Modrić's departure at the end of his contract on June 30, to advocacies for his stay for another season. Amidst this, both the club and Modrić have remained silent on their decisions. 

Juan Ignacio Garcia-Ochoa, a journalist for Marca, sheds light on Real Madrid's stance in a recent article. The club, it seems, is not keen on being the party to initiate the conversation about parting ways with their iconic player. Instead, Real Madrid prefers to wait for Modrić to make the first move regarding his departure. This patient approach underscores the respect and admiration the club holds for Modrić, reflecting a reluctance to directly confront the potential end of his illustrious tenure with the team. 

The situation presents a complex dilemma. Modrić, known for his unwavering commitment to playing at the highest level, shows no signs of wanting to leave Real Madrid. This puts Florentino Perez, the club's president, in a challenging position. Would Perez be willing to say 'no' to Modrić, a player who has contributed so much to the club's success? 

As the season progresses, the anticipation around Modrić's future only intensifies. The reality, as Garcia-Ochoa points out, is that neither Real Madrid nor Modrić have made any public declarations about what the future holds. The club's strategy seems to be one of waiting—allowing time to pass in hopes that Modrić will initiate discussions about his departure. This approach reflects a deep-seated respect for Modrić, indicating the club's desire to handle the situation with the dignity it merits.
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