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Women's Club World Cup: FIFA's new step towards gender equality in football

15. May 2024
(foto: Getty Images)
The International Football Federation (FIFA) has taken a new step towards gender equality. Starting in 2026, the Women's Club World Cup will come to life.

The premier competition featuring the 16 best teams in the world will take place in February 2026, and then every four years thereafter, FIFA announced. 

FIFA also plans to introduce another women's club competition in the years when the Club World Cup is not held. Details of this new competition will be revealed in due course. 

Additionally, FIFA has confirmed the calendar for the period between 2026 and 2029 and has reduced the number of international windows in women's football from six to five. This change is aimed at providing female players with more rest and reducing travel demands. 

According to FIFA President Gianni Infantino, these decisions mark an important milestone in the development of women's football and represent a significant step forward. 

The Men's Club World Cup will take place next summer in the USA and will feature 32 teams for the first time.
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