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Zagreb tram campaigns for Luka Modrić's Dinamo Zagreb return

10. April 2024
(foto: splet)
The campaign to persuade Luka Modrić to finish his career at Dinamo Zagreb continues.

Dinamo Zagreb has wholeheartedly embraced an idea that sounded like a utopia just a few months ago but now, thanks to the tremendous effort of the Zagreb club, no longer seems so unattainable. Dinamo launched a campaign under the hashtag "imalobismisla" (itwouldmakesense) and last week placed a full-page ad in the Spanish sports newspaper Marca, aiming to convince Luka Modrić that ending his career in a Dinamo jersey would be something extraordinary and unique.

It seems that the city authorities in Zagreb agree with Dinamo, as photos of tram line 10 surfaced online today, with the destination name replaced by that of the greatest Croatian footballer of all time.

Luka Modrić began his career in Dinamo's youth academy, and in the first team, he scored 25 goals in 80 matches before moving to Tottenham in one of the biggest transfers in the history of Croatian football.
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